Leoparents know that this has no sense at all,
they know they should not be suggested by them,
that every person is different; they know that every person has their own tempo,
they also know that Leo has gone through much hardship.
Yet, they cannot resist the temptation from time to time
and will peep into a book with tables;
and there....

What your child should be able to do at the age of XX months.

First, the power of speech goes under scrutiny.
Your child should be able to speak.
Using ten, hundred, million words.
Using full sentences, speaking clearly, speaking foreign languages.
Speak backwards, recite, sing, declaim, deliver addresses, argue …
Leoparents look at each other and think about tracheotomy
and only sighing, they skip to point no. 2.

Motor skills.
Your child should run, jump, climb, ride a bike, gallop,
fight with fists, leap over obstacles, swim, somersault, walk on his…
Leoparents look at each other
and they think about the relaxed muscle tension and skip to another point.
and so forth, and so on.
Usually, it turns out that Leo is not able to perform half of the things he SHOULD DO.
and it's high time he did!
It's time to become anxious!
Contact a specialist!

And then, as a desert, another set of testing questions.

What your child may be able to do at the age of XX months.
Perhaps your child will be able to draw a circle.
Yes, he can, he's been doing so since about a year.
He can also sign his name, draw himself, draw a car, a tree, the sun,
write digits – all of them, along with some of the letters in the alphabet...
Perhaps your child will be able to distinguish 4 colors.
Yes, he can distinguish eight of them, including turquoise.
Perhaps your child will be able to count to three.
Yes, he can; he has been able to count to a dozen, forth and backwards too,
for several months. He has also started adding numbers.
Perhaps your child will be able to build a tower from X number of bricks.
What? a tower of x bricks? He is building entire cities!!
and so on, and so forth…
There is no set of questions concerning reading skills, what a pity.

Leo of no standard size, he does not fit in any of the tables
– for some columns he is too big, while in some he does not exist at all.
So Leoparents close the book.
Until, they again will face this unresistible temptation.

Anonymous work, Two out of four pictures of an Australian Aboriginal girl, 1870