- Mama, yum-yum!!! – Leo orders with the tone accepting no disagreement.
Whatever it seems to be, he does not mean food.
"Mama, yum-yum" is an invitation to play, to the land of absurdity,
to the joint enactment of scenes on the border between comedy and horror.
After the order, comes a ritual dialogue, a kind of a foreplay,
without which the playing itself would not reverberate properly.
So, Leomom has to ask the questions:

- Are you hungry, Leo?
- Yeps
- Would you like to have something to eat?
- Yeps.

The suspense grows to the limits of tolerance because the point is just, just coming...
- Maybe you would like to have some... shoes. They are sitting in the hall.

Leo makes for the hall, straight-faced.
He picks up the shoes and pretends to bite and swallow them.
Next, he begins to chuckle, choke and spit. Rolling with laughter,
he grasps his head and announces:
- A mistake, Mom. You do not eat shoes!!!!

Yes, and then from the beginning, over and over again.
- Mama, yum-yum!!!!!
The game has thousands of variations.
Leo eats chairs, hair, invisible digits,
reaching the peak of exhilaration at cannibal-like issues (Leo, please, eat your own teeth!).
Leonhard Kern, Menschenfressern