Unexpectedly, the perspective changed.
It’s settled. The decision has been made.
It turned out, Leo can be operated now! Right away!!!
We don’t have to wait for anything!!!
He can be liberated from most of the tubes and cables.
Quality of his life can be improved! His safety increased!
The surgery is not at all invasive. It is more of a procedure after which the tracheo will be closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, closed tracheo!!!!!!
Leoparents had the preliminary talk with the doctor who will perform the implantation of diaphragm pacer http://averybiomedical.com.
Unfortunately, Leomodernisation costs around 100 thousand Euros (we are now waiting for a detailed pricing).
So we would like to ask you to make donation for Leo (here are all the details: www.leoblog.pl/en/donation/), and please spread the information around!!!!!!