There’s a hole in the neck.
There’s a pipe in the hole.
The pipe is attached to the neck with a band.
At the end of the pipe there’s a filter.

Tracheotomy also allows for easy and instant CPR.
It can be used for quick connection to the ventilator.
It has saved Leolife more than once.
But it also hinders speech. It stigmatizes. It disfigures. It limits.
It needs a lot of maintenance. It takes a lot of time.
And on top of that it has to be cleaned to remove the mucus which gathers inside.
Several times a day.

The cleaning is done with a pump connected to a disposable catheter.
The catheter is pushed into the pipe and down to the tracheal bifurcation.. Then you turn the pump on.
The pump works like a vacuum cleaner. It growls and sucks.
The sucking makes the person undergoing the procedure choke and retch.
It is unpleasant and unaesthetic.

Leoparents try to suck out Leo discreetly.
When they are among people they usually go aside not to force anyone to witness this unpleasant sight.
When they are among friends – they stay.
To make sure that Leo does not feel that it’s something bad or awkward.

The first time usually shocks people.
Adults look away and start talking.
Children stop talking and gape.

‘What is THIS????’ they ask.
‘This? It’s a snoteater. It comes from Bolivia. It’s closely related to anteaters. Look what a trunk it has! It feeds on snot. It loves eating snot!!!!!! [oink oink]
Leo feeds it and takes care of it. He gives it all the best bites.’

This story is 100% effective.
Fear is replaced by awe.

And Leo?
Leo is bursting with pride. Anyone would love to have a friend like that. From Bolivia!