On 31st May and 18th June two concerts for Leo took place in Tricity:
Alternative For Leo and Folk for Leo.
Unfortunately, Mr Leo, despite true willingness, was not able to honour
the events with his presence; however he carefully studied
the whole programme and would hereby like to solemnly thank everybody!
Leoparents not a bit less solemnly join the acknowledgments and thanks!

Grafika do plakatu, projekt: Beata Horyńska

And so we would like to thank:
first and most of all “Firma”
– for organisation and initiative;
bands and solo singers: Gentleman!,
Radio Bagdad, Miss Hapen, ElektroZagadka, Tymon Tymański,
GdańskaFormacja Szantowa, Waldek Mieczkowski, Kamil Badzioch,
Timur and his team along with the participants of Gdynia Team in “BATTLE OF VOICES”,
Tomek Olszewski, Olek Grotowski, Vergil van Troff – for music;

- artists: Ala Karska, Beata Horyńska, Beata Rzepińska-Semmerling,
Iwona Delińska, Ania Nowocińska-Kwiatkowska – for works contributed to the auction;

– clubs: Papryka and Contrast Cafe – for having us at their place;

– Olek – for hosting the events;

– Sailing School “4 winds”

and finally everyone who took part in the events and auctions!!!!