Unfortunately, Leo still needs the oxygen support during the day,
and especially in the afternoons.

Because of that, he needs to be connected to pulse oxymeter at all times,
as it monitors his breath.
Every more rapid leg movement causes incorrect readout,
which sets off the piercing sound of the alarm.
You can never know, if the alarm goes off because of this error or saturation drop.
Tangled in metres of cables and wires,
on a 1,5 metre long oxygen lead, Leo is not only unable to go outside,
but he is also forced to live a completely sedentary life.
He spends whole days playing with his building blocks
and flipping through his favourite educational books.

But even the books begin to bore him…


The new equipment has also influenced the qualities of our nights,
enriching the orchestra of Leo apparatus with new type of puffing and blowing… :-/
Nocturnal symphony: