Today, as it is the end of the year,
we would like to thank everybody who has been helping us in all possible ways,
from emotional to professional, spiritual, social,
organisational, practical and financial support.
Thank you very much for the 1% of tax donations, all the contributions,
dedicated time, actions, emails, marathons, phone calls, information,
words, thoughts, gestures, home preserves, and other tokens of memory,
involvement and liking!!!!

And now it’s time for a little resume:

  • We have had some successes this year:
    – Leo has learned to crawl and lift himself to standing position;
    – He has learned to walk, walk backwards, and walk the stairs;
    – He has become completely independent when it comes to eating and using cutlery,
    he has learned how drink from a cup and a normal bottle (even from a full half a litre one);
    – He accepted the orator (a special valve on tracheotomy tube that enables producing sounds),
    and in consequence, he has made some progress in verbal communication;
    – He has mastered non-verbal communication to perfection
    by creating his own gestures and faces that he combines into full sentences;
    – He has learned to recognize around 30-40 (???) animal species and a few letters;
    do what he’s told to (if he feels like it);
    draw very consciously (circles, zigzags, lines, dots, etc.),
    precisely construct buildings out of building blocks, distinguish colours,
    use the dishwasher, DVD player, stereo and medical equipment (…)
    – He has reset his inner alarm clock from 5.30 to 8.15 in the morning!
  • We went on a few trips: to Tricity, Kashubia, Masuria,
    during which Leo experienced bathing in a lake, walks in forests and at the beach,
    evenings by bonfires, eating apples plucked directly from trees,
    he played in the snow, walked in the rain, he spent entire days in the woods…
  • We have defeated his phobia of grass, of children, of the vacuum cleaner.
  • We started going to the nursery (once a week).
  • We were in the admission room three times; we can tick off two horrible stays at the ICU,
    dozens of doctors’ appointments, around 200 hours of physiotherapy,
    one fainting-fit, one case of rotavirus and one of pneumonia.
  • Unfortunately, we have gained another piece of junk, an oxygen concentrator – sometimes it is indispensable…
  • Other than that, excluding the periods of infections, breathing during days has improved noticeably.
  • Oh! And we have almost founded, along with other families, POLISH CCHS ASSOCIATION!
  • Visit Leogallery 2012 and have a wonderful 2013!!!!