The idea of LeoSunday was born in the head of a Leoneighbour – Ela.
Leoneighbour Ela shared the idea with a Leoneighbour Ma³gosia.
Leoneighbor Ma³gosia implicated Leoneighbor Agnieszka.
Leoneighbors: Ela, Ma³gosia and Agnieszka went with the idea to Bieta and Aga,
who run our favorite Leocafé – Kolonia.
And after that a huge explosion of positive energy occurred.
Neighbors and neighbors' children joined in, so did businessmen,
shopkeepers, bakeries, groceries, beauty salons, Xerox services,
vulcanization stations, pizzerias, wineries, cafés, hairdressers,
kindergartens, therapists, swimming instructors, masseurs,
a girl-guide of Warsaw, actors, musicians, theaters,
illustrators, graphic artists, designers. And even a conjurer!!!!
The event was attended by crowds of adults and even more children.
The program comprised: a lottery where each lot was winning (!!!),
a competition for the purchase of trophies, with Tomek Karolak as a fantastic compere.
Children simply swarmed around an actress Magda Cielecka who read them fairy tales,
while Aga Zaryan and Micha³ Tokaj played a magical concert;
a comedian Konrad Modzelewski made kids both laugh and feel bewildered.
Ola Przybylska created a Colourful painting on the wall;
finally the guests watched the film "Our Curse".
It was a wonderful, happy, familial and warm-hearted day.
Even the weather waited until Monday with torrential shower!

Leofamily acquired huge reserves of positive energy
and a considerable sum of money which will be used for Leoelectrode:
almost 20 thousand z³otys!!!
Thank you very much!! Thank you all!
And each of you in particular:
Ela £azerewicz-Wyrzykowska,
Ma³gosia Lipiñska,
Agnieszka Grochowska,
Bieta and Ada from the Kolonia Café-Club! [...]