Back to the subject of sleep and cars…
As aforementioned, every night Leo is accompanied by a car.
He holds it tight, trying hard to be in control all the time.
Sometimes things get out of hand (virtually) and Leo wakes up frightened

- Mom, mom, my car is gone -
he screams in the middle of the night.
One of his parents has to get up and find the missing toy.
Behind the bed, under the pillow, in the folds of his duvet.
No cheating is allowed. Leo always remembers which car he slept with.
His tiny fingers will always tell a red Porsche from a blue BMW.

IMG_1498 (2)

P.S. On Tuesday 9 December "Our Curse" received
the Best Short Documentary award at Bogoshorts Festival in Columbia.
For those interested - an interview with Leo's parents in Looped magazine.