From dawn to dusk everything is grey outside.
The city, the sky, trees and the yellow house outside of the window.
Thoughts, dreams and moods are grey, too.
The contrast between colors are nonexistent.
There is no white.
Everything is engulfed in monotonous, helpless sea of grey, which is,
photographically speaking, it is never lighter than 50% on Adams's scale.

As if grey wasn't enough, it is dark and cold.
The best way to face it is to stay in bed.
To save bodily energy.
Just sleep, read and eat. Not necessarily healthy food.
Or better still - it’s good to make an escape into the tropics.

That's the way it should be, but it is not.
We have to generate a lot of our own energy.
Because someone has to take Leo to the doctor for a heart-check,
dental check, urological test, and for an orthopedical test.
And for his visit to his neurologist. And his psychologist.
And to practice speech with Leo.

But how to manage all this when it's so grey outside?


Gerhard Richter, Arrest 1 (Festnahme 1). 1988. Oil on canvas, 92 x 126.5 cm