Please include a signed and stamped original of the document

A letter of application,
a form,
an official letter,
a request,
a permission.
We will send the documents back.

Once you have filled it in, signed, scanned
we will look into it.

Meanwhile please submit a copy of the birth certificate,
an official written confirmation, letter of authorisation,
and a written request.
Then we will adit Leo into a group of three-year-olds.
An expected waiting time: five years.

We need his medical record, an outpatient record, a letter of application,
a scan of the right foot, a written consent from the doctor, a PhD doctor.
No PhD consent? No consent!
Please call the GP, or better still - the Children's Memorial Health Institute.
We don't know, perhaps call the Fund? Perhaps the Association.
Why call us? Please call the GP!
Please call tomorrow
Next week.
In an hour.
Wrong number.
Wrong extention number.
No, she's not in.

We don't hire those.
We don't issue such documents.
We don't stamp them.
We don't do that.
We don't know.

Please bring the original,
the one that you sent somewhere last year.