"Stupidity or not stupidity? " - Leo asks this question several times a day
and it is his own version of a known play "true or false?".

- Sweden is in Asia! Stupidity or not stupidity? Tomatoes grow on the trees! Stupidity or not stupidity?
It's very hot on Antarctica! Stupidity or not stupidity? ...

Leoparents are being tested all days, in all possible circumstances and situations,
but the "stupidities" and "not-stupidities" are very predictable - mostly they are stupidities (or not-stupidities)
concerning geography or nature.

Or they WERE predictable, because yesterday Leo unexpectedly changed his theme habit and he screamed:
 - I breathe when I sleep! Stupidity or not stupidity?
And then he started giggling as usually, after each well made up stupidity...