What do you carry in your handy bag?
Phone? Keys? Wallet? Book? Handkerchiefs? Lipstick?

Leo also has his handy bag.
But he carries something completely different.
Leo, in his little black handy bag, carries FREEDOM.
And, since he has this handy bag (and it started working),
he can do things he had not even dreamt about before.

Thanks to this little bag, he can watch a movie in a cinema or a play in a theatre,
and focus only on what is currently on screen or on stage,
and does not have to remember about the breath, does not have to breathe deeper and deeper
looking at the same time at the pulseoximeter to check whether the saturation in right.

He can go out with his parents to an evening party and totally chill out,
because the machine in the bag remembers about his breath, instead of him.

And, above all, he can do something what every child should be able to do:
whenever he feels a need, he can cuddle up to mum or dad and...
just fall asleep!!!
In a restaurant, on a train, in a park, in a forest, in a car.

No one, who has not experienced the horror of CCHS,
can imagine what kind of luxury it is...