Leofamily is just one step from the decannulation.
Unfortunately, a hundred-mile one.
It's called: the mask to non-invasive ventilation.
Leo must learn to sleep with it - in case the pacers would stop being so fantastic and reliable.
The problem is that Leo HATES putting anything onto his face and head,
and the masks are as if taken out from the horror movies, horrible and uncomfortable.

Yesterday, however, to the complete surprise of Leoparents, Leo agreed to try them.
He pretended he was a cosmonaut, he pretended he was a scuba diver, he breathed few minutes in the cosmos and few minutes under the water
and after that, he announced that it was the end, and that he wanted to go back on the land, to have his pacers on.

So for now we have to develop a strategy how to go through this difficult process without too much stress.
For now his biggest motivation to face the challenge is... new place on the shelves.
Leo knows that once he would get rid of the hole, then he would get rid of all the medical stuff related to tracheostomy.
And then there would be free space on his shelves.
So that he could get lots of new books.

But if this reason is enough to let yourself torture like that,
it remains to be seen...