Going to sleep is problematic.
And it is not about the ventilator or the pulse oximeter
(the only permanent elements of the process) but the „goings on” after Leo has been connected.
Sometimes Leomom has to read.
A selected book.
No, not this one, the other one (Help! Where is it?)
Sometimes Leomom has to tell stories.
Sometimes she has to read first then to tell stories.
Sometimes is has to be dad, not mom.
Sometimes Leomom has to lie down next to Leo after reading.
Sometimes she has to stroke him, sometimes - she is no allowed to touch at all.
Sometimes she has to leave.
Sometimes music has to be on. Or off.
Sometimes the shades have to be up. Or down.
Sometimes the bedside lamp has to be left on.
Sometimes the door has to be shut. Or open.
Sometimes Leo needs a glass of oat milk, sometimes a glass of water.
Sometimes he falls asleep accompanied by a toy BMW,
sometimes by a toy bus or a motorcycle.
Sometimes he wants a pillow, sometimes he doesn't.
Sometimes he wants to sleep front to front, sometimes back to front.
And so on.
Leo has to decide for himself.
And he knows what he wants.
Because it can't be any other way.
He just won't fall asleep otherwise.


*A car is a must. Leo has betrayed the Dog to sleep with cars.
He falls asleep only in this cold steel company.
But he is very fair, he always picks up a different model.
None is favored.