Nobody knows how and when this happened exactly.
Over half a year ago it turned out that Leo identifies all the digits correctly,
and about two months ago, he started to count.
Currently, he counts to five perfectly,
quite well to ten (up and down), and he manages to go beyond ten sometimes.
He can (in the range up to 100!!!) type numbers on a calculator
and show numbers up to 20 with his fingers.
And he’s trying to count the world all the time.
He constantly informs his parents how many people there are in the room,
rats in the cage, glasses on the table, and dogs in the street…
Sometimes, he stands aside and counts something in secret with full concentration.
Mathematics has even made its way to Leoart.

Ladies, Gentlemen,
A man with five fingers on each hand!

Leoart, A Man with Fingers, August 2013