Healthcare Service.
No you cannot. There is no way. Impossible.
Restrictions. Procedures. Rules.
Absurd followed by another absurd. Nonsense.
Leoparents have had some victories in their struggles with the system,
but mostly there were defeats.
The war has taken many victims; cost some deep wrinkles,
tens of grey hairs, thousands of wasted hours, the wrecked nerves.
And now, unexpectedly, a new, unknown frontline appears,
and the little remaining energy needs to be mustered.

Education System.
The first fortress is the preschool.
It’s high time, Leo needs it,
Leo wants it, it’s very important for his development.
There are three options to choose from: regular preschool,
special need preschool (no! No way, no such option, over Leoparents’ dead bodies),
and integrated one.

The third solution is optimal.
Healthy and disabled children in one group, good examples, stimulation.
It builds up awareness that he’s not the only one who’s sick,
that everybody is different and has their needs.
Staff in such a preschool is specialised and qualified.
Smaller groups. Pedagog. Physiotherapist.
Sensory integration sessions.
Adjuvant care. Speech therapist.
Admission procedure favours children with disabilities.
And if there is a place available, child has to be admitted.*
According to Polish law, Leo is not eligible for this kind of preschool care!
Because disabled are those who: suffer vision, hearing or motor impairment,
or are intellectually or emotionally handicapped.
So: according to Polish law, Leo is healthy.
One might envy such health! Who wouldn’t want that?
So the armament is on.
For Leo to be admitted into preschool,
we will have to g out of our way again, figure out a strategy,
use a trick to outwit the system, call Rademenes, a superhero cat, for help.

*Of course, during classes, one of the Leoparents (or a nurse)

would always had to be around in case anything wrong happened.