In autumn the summer has finally began. Leo enjoys the beautiful weather every day,
yet he cannot forgive his parents one thing (completely unnecessary in his opinion):
they make him wear overalls and a hat.

Going out for a walk is always a complex procedure.

First, there is a huge fight caused by the abovementioned pieces of clothing.
Then (when everybody is furious and sweaty),
a few things need to be dragged down from first floor:
ventilator with battery (11 kg),
suction pump for tracheotomy (x kg),

pulse oxymeter (x kg),
and Leo, completely stiff with offence (around 1000 kg).
Plus we cannot forget to take:
an extra tracheotomy tube, sterile gloves, saline,
disposable drain, drains for the suction machine, bandages for tracheo,

sterile gauze, and of course: nappies, tranquilizer,
a full feeding bottle, baby wipes, extra onesies, changing pad, rattles, blanket, gloves…
And the mobile.

And the wallet…
And keys!