Leo, on Leoparents request, is taken into hospital.

He gets to the “Clinic of Anaesthesiology and Intensive TROUTMENT*”

(At least that’s what it says on a board stuck to the door with a piece of scotch).
Doctors will examine him on the account of his oxygen saturation drops, convulsions and faints.


What’s comforting is that Leouncle T.H. (for the insiders – M.K. ;-) )
has found out from Doctor Google that Ondine does sometime bestow her chosen ones with fits.
Fortunately, only during infancy; later they usually go away.
* According to a well-knwn and resected scientist – dr J.U.,
the word “treatment” stems directly from the word “trouble”, together forming “troutment”.

PS. Why does it have to be that Dr Google is the main informant of Leofamily?