We're sharing good news!
Considering all the commotion with "Our curse",
we are together with the CCHS Network planning a great crowdfunding campaign,
aiming to support the research on CCHS treatment.
The research is conducted at several laboratories
and the main problem and setback is a constant lack of funds.

Because of that, the plan is as follows:
- reach the greatest number of people possible
- gather as much cash as possible
- finance the research
Whenever we know anything more, we'll inform you :)
Any support is appreciated!

A treatment will be discovered.
Leoparents know that!

PS1 And now about culture.
Theatre fans are used to traveling all around the country looking for good productions.
They spend hours on the train to hunt down something good.
They ride from Warsaw to Bydgoszcz, from Krakow to Poznan, from Wałbrzych to Bielsko...
And this is what happened past Wednesday: two enthusiast traveled almost 450km
just to see the best (in their opinion) actor on the stage.
The show was only 15 minutes long, unfortunately it's hard to get an objective review,
since the enthusiasts were Leograndma and Leograndpa, the theatre was a kindergarten,
the actor was Mr Leo, and the show was prepared for Grandmother's and Grandfather's Day.
Groupies claim that the trip was worth it.