The biggest success this summer is Leovocalisation
– Leo started to use his voice in communication purposes!!!
He has mastered the following phrases:
Nie (no), or e-e – definitely his favourite, definitely overused;
Mama (mom) – sometimes it sounds more like baba (Eng. woman),
usually used in response to Leomom’s request:
Leo, clear out your toys, please - 
Leo shakes his head and says:
 – E-e, Mama;
Tata(dad) – this one is still a bit clumsy;
A babababa K. (grandmom Krysia);
A bababababa E. (grandmom Ela);
Dziadzia (Granddaddy);
Am-am (this is said most loudly and clearly, with nodding!!!);
Da-da (a walk);
Ajajajaj (etymology and meaning unknown);
Gaga (for everything Leo can’t say or name, he uses the word gaga.
Leofamily lives in a one huge gaga);
Bam (he loves when stuff falls);
Additionally, he can read letters out loud (btw, he mastered the alphabet a few months ago):
- A, B, K, D, E, G, I, Y, M
Plus he knows how to write some of them, but this is a different story ;-)