In the last half a year, Leofamily took yet another step towards normality.
They acquired a seemingly trivial, but in fact very complex, skill.
That skill is riding a long-distance train.

The train, of course, has to fulfill Leostandards,
i.e. it has to offer the possibility to connect to power.
This limits the choice of trains.
And in case of those which are still an option, there remains the challenge of packing.
And that is the main difficulty.

Starting off for a week journey Leofamily
looks like a caravan of pack camels.
They have three suitcases, two backpacks, two bags of medical equipment
(ventilator, concentrator, pulse oximeter, vacuum, inhalator, disposable gadgets),
and, obligatorily, a copy of Tuwim [a Polish poet of i.a. poems for kids].
Because during the rides it is CRUCIAL to read “Locomotive”
(it’s a poem known to every kid in Poland; you can find an amateur translation here:
It is as important as packing the ventilator.

When all is ready, it’s all great fun!
There is no better feeling than to get on a train, ticket in your hand,
track three, platform two
the fifth car of an express long-distance train.
Then take a seat number fifty-eight
and just go… through hills, tunnels, fields and forest…


P.S. At the end of this summer Leofamily is setting off for one more trip.
With a plane.
To meet Ondine.
Keep your fingers crossed!