Although the dressing has already been removed,
scars (all four of them) are becoming brighter and flatter,
and Leo has forgotten all about his stay in the hospital,
Leoparents still can’t let go of anxiety.
Because the electrode has not yet been launched.
Because they don’t know what will happen when it has.
Because no one can really guarantee that everything will work fine.
Because the transition period between one way of ventilation and the other not easy.
Because two metal discs under the skin feel weird.
Because no one in Poland has experience with this equipment…
Because how is it possible that Leo might not be connected to the ventilator…?
Is it really safe?

Meanwhile Leo has come back to his daily routines.
Kindergarten, rehabilitation, supplementary activities.
He’s had an impressive entrée, because he has changed a lot during the summer.
Above all: he started to talk.
Although it happened over the holiday, there can be no doubt that he owes it to the year-round effort of the speech and language therapist,
who was tediously squeezing out of him all these letters, words, sentences, tales.
We should also mention a small side-effect of her actions.
Because even better than speaking Leo likes reading.
Leo reads.

Below, you will find a film on which Leo reads a text which he sees for the first time.