No, no, no and no! Despair.
He won't go for any walk.
He wants to play not to walk!
He is adamant.
And no, he won't go in ten minutes
because he does not want to play just for ten minutes,
he wants to play LONG.
And he won't play after the walk because he wants to play NOW.
Not after the walk. He is in tears, sobbing and despairing.
He won't put those winter shoes on. Only the summer ones.
It does not matter that it is winter.
He is not going anywhere, anyway.
Even Leoparents, who know all of his tricks are in doubt now.
Maybe they shouldn't force him if it displeases him so much?
Maybe it doesn't make sense?
He howls incessantly while putting his winter jacket, his hat and his scarf on.
Then he walks out and, as if by magic, stops crying.
There is a broad smile upon his face.
We walks willingly, in a perfect mood, contemplating the nature.
The walk comes to an end.
Oh no! Not back home! He wants to walk! He wants to carry on walking!
There is no way he is going home.
No, he won't play, he is not interested in playing at home anymore.
No, no, no, no and no!