In case anyone was curious about what has been happening with Leofamily
in the week before their trip, we are happy to inform you that:

- Leo’s pulseox cord won’t stay connected, so its alarm is going off 10-15 times per night.
- Leo has developed an allergy and is itching all over.
- Leodad caught an infection, was out of commission for two days
and too weak to do anything other than sleep.
- Leomom was also indisposed and out of commission for a day.
She could only rest and wait for it to pass, as she could not even sleep.
- Leodad’s computer crashed.
- Leodad fixed his computer.
- Leodad’s computer crashed again.
- Leomom dropped her cell on the concrete floor
and the touchscreen shattered into a spider web of cracks.
The phone lost 30% of its functionality and has started sending out texts
that are not entirely in accordance with Leomom’s will.
- Someone stole Leomom’s car. After Leomom spent a panicked hour looking for it,
the car was conveniently dropped off on another level of the parking garage. ;)

And so on.

On top of this, Leomom once again has been travelling the same road
that she used to travel daily to see her son
when he was in the hospital in a medically induced coma.
This time, however, her destination is not the Children’s Memorial Health Institute,
rather the nearby dressmakers’ workshop where she has to be fitted for her dress for…
eh, the Oscars.
Life writes the most unbelievable screenplays.

Meanwhile, Leo studies the map. While he can point out Hollywood,
other directions interest him more. For example, the south pole:
- Do dragons live in Antarctica?, he asks suddenly.
- I don’t think so… It’s too cold for dragons in Antarctica,
responds Leomom, hesitating. She can’t ever remember hearing about polar dragons before.
Leo bursts out laughing.
- Too cold for dragons! – he keeps repeating for at least the next half hour,
choking with laughter, until it starts to amuse Leomom, too.
Just because she hasn’t heard of them, and that it’s rather unlikely,
doesn’t mean they don’t exist.tumblr_m5ek9tKUSv1r4hqt2o1_1280 Uroboros