All by himself.

With his own little hands.

Without any help. Himself!!

Me, myself – the finger points to his chest three times.
So that there are no doubts whatsoever.
By himself!!!

He has to turn on the lights himself, close the dishwasher,
put on his shoes, get the elevator to come, turn off the taps,
go down the stairs, wash his hands, and turn on the ventilator.

Unfortunately, he has to cross the street by himself, too.
No, no hand holding, no! Himself!!

Every time we cross a street it’s a huge fight.

Because parents won’t back off. And he won’t as well.

They take his hand, he starts to cry, they drag him, he lies down on the street.

He’s big enough, he has to do things his way.


The same is with food.
When someone boorishly takes advantage of an unguarded moment
and puts his food on a fork for him and then puts it into his mouth,
he spits it out immediately,
puts it on the fork again (by himself!!!),

and then places it in his little mouth (by himself!!!).

Any help is unwelcome.
If it does happen,
it has to be immediately annulled, taken back.

And if not, here comes a brawl.

Because he needs to do everything by himself.

His index finger works non stop.
Sometimes even in his sleep.

All by himself!!