For the last week Leo has been sleeping only using the pacers.
The pacers finally work the way there were supposed to do few moths ago!!!

Leo ventilates in the exemplary way.
Leo does not disconnect from the pacers (like in the case of the ventilator).
Leo does not lie on the pipe and does not cover the valve (like in the case of the ventilator).
During the night you don't have to change any settings (like in the case of the ventilator).
In the morning the secretion in the tracheostomy is not that thick as after the night with the ventilator.
The pacers are much quieter that the ventilator.
98% of the night alarms is due to the error in the reading of the pulseoximeter,
which means that Leoparents now, instead of waking up over a dozen times, have to wake up only a few times during a night.

Dear Leoblogreaders,
I guess we might state now, with a bit of shyness,
that the life of Leofamily has a chance to become a bit less difficult!!!!
Now the next step of our dreams - decannulation !!!!

Thank you all for everything!!!