As promised, here are a few words on the last Leotrip.

It was of a professional nature – Leo worked as a model (!!!),
And Leodad was the model’s personal assistant, porter, oarsman, driver,
private escort, provider, and photo set coordinator, and Leomom was the photographer.

It didn’t stop anyone from having a good time, though.

The collection of Leo’s experiences has been enlarged by:

- cruising on a boat

- bursting with laughter on a pedal boat;


- exploring the flora and fauna of Masuria’s meadows;


– walking in the wheat;


- rolling on the grass;


– running far, far away from his parents;


And naturally, it couldn’t go without new culinary experiences
 Leo assisted in baking pizza in a wood-burning stove.

He ate more pieces than any of us, and there was him and five adults at the table…