Antional Health Fund…
Provides refunds, pays, helps, insures, protects,
takes care of its patients and never stops its efforts to make their lives easier…
The last spectacular success of the Fund is providing new sources
of entertainment to the parents of little patients
from the home ventilation programme.
In their spare time (which they have more than plenty!)
they are forced to fill in the tables.
Everyday; or more like couple of times a day.
In the first section they have to put the date (DD.MM.YYYY).
In the second one: the time of connection to the ventilator.
Into the third: the time of disconnection from the ventilator.
Then, in the fourth section they have to put a legible signature.
Name and Surname (or the name and two surnames).
As the child is being connected to the ventilator several times a day,
the date is rewritten respective amount of times.
The signature should also be put several times. LEGIBLY!
On top of that, Leoparents sign papers:
after each doctor’s visit (once a week),
nurse visit (two times a week),
and physiotherapy (two times a week).
Unfortunately, the Fund has no money for refunding speech therapy,
nurse’s extra hours,
(in Germany CCHS patients CCHS have a right to a nurse
for 12 hours every night, in Poland – 4 hours… a week)
and many more indispensable medical equipment,
because the costs of storing and filing all the papers are going up,
so are the salaries of people who are employed
to check if all the tables are filled in correctly.