Today Leo had a visitor.
The gentleman came to carry out an interview.
About his condition.
The gent was particularly interested in Leo’s medical equipment.
Tubes, cables, sensors, switches, aspiration (?)….
Leo enthusiastically lead him into his room.
Unassisted, he bagan a demonstration.
He jumped into his bed, removed the speaking valve from his tracheostomy tube
and placed it in the drawer,
then he disconnected the tube from the ventilator,
connected himself to the equipment, switched the pulse oxymeter on,
and, with a sensor in his hand he demonstrated how to use it.
The interviewer was dumbfounded.
Leoparents were proud.
All three were full of admiration for Leo’s capability and self-sufficiency;
convinced, that this was the end of the show and Leo is about to go to sleep.
They were wrong!
The show went on.
Leo took a glass of water form his bedside table to demonstrate how to drink.
Then he showed his bedside lamp...and how to switch it off.