For his first birthday, Leo visits his grandparents.
There is a big party ;-)

It’s impossible, however, to escape the memories from last year. 

Images from the hospital, bits and pieces of dialogues, scenes,
harsh and merciless words – all of it comes back with amazing intensity.
The feeling of fear and disbelief.

It’s been a year.
Already and only a year.

By strange coincidence, on this day exactly, there is an opening of “DESIRES, LONGINGS...”
– an exhibition in Günter Grass Gallery in Gdañsk,
which includes a screening of “Curse”, the film about Leo’s birth.,4,52,0,523,0,Grassomania_2011_Pragnienia_tesknoty,0,index.html"> href=",4,52,0,523,0,Grassomania_2011_Pragnienia_tesknoty,0,index.html">,4,52,0,523,0,Grassomania_2011_Pragnienia_tesknoty,0,index.html