For the first two years and a half of Leolife,
traveling by car with him was only possible if two adults participated in it:
a driver, and someone who would monitor Leo
and Leoapparata at the back seat (pulse meter, ventilator, aspirator).
This situation was a huge burden for Leofamily,
strongly curbing their mobility and hindering their logistics.
Luckily, a breaking moment occurred in summer.
Leoparents made an experiment and replaced Leoequipment into the front seat,
while Leo remained at the back, firmly connected to the machines, thought.
Thanks to this, the number of adults in the car was reduced,
because, now, the driver could have an eye on the equipment and Leoparameters.
The trick worked; however, the first experience was extreme.

It turned out that the pulse meter has a special sensor,
detecting the most dangerous road crossings and reacts with alarm on each of such occasions.
Leo has the same sensor.
When ever Leocar (during rush hours) enters Dmowski Roundabout,
Zawisza Square or the crossing of Wołoska and Domaniewska Streets Leo…
is disconnected from his ventilator.
Consequently, when a tram rushes directly onto Leocar from one side,
a huge lorry from the other, a buys from another direction,
from the fourth – a fire engine, and a drunken roughneck in his sports auto form the fifth
– all possible alarms are wailing and the pulse meter informs
that Leo does not breathe and his heart ceased to beat.

The first situation like that was unbearable.
Leomom faced the dilemma:
either she will have her own child asphyxiated or cause a pile-up.
And then enlightenment poured onto her.
Option three.
Leomom told her son calmly:
- Leo, connect yourself to the ventilator and fix the meter on your finger, please.
and Leo obediently followed both of the commands.
May all of the problems will be solved in such a miraculous way from now on!

Screenshot 2014-03-10 11.41.40
Anna Reinert, Road 3, 2003