The week passed marked by medical visits.
Phoniatrician, laryngologist, logopedist,
dermatologist, hearing tests, bla bla bla bla…
Leofamily was also supposed to call in to the Children Health Center,
among others and what happened?
They couldn't find their way.
The lost their way twice in the convoluted network of roads.

- Was it this turn, here? Is this the way to the place?

Once, they used to know the way by heat, reaching it with their eyes closed.
Both during a day or at night, or at dawn...
And today they got lost. First time – on their way to the Center,
then – on its premises, too.

This means they FORGOT!
Oh, it's, very well!
And Mister Leo was happy as usual.

- Did you like it there in the Center, Leo?
- Yeps.


Leo is enjoying himself, enacting a silver Opel car, brisking in the street :)