The 1st International CCHS Day is over.

We managed to accomplish a lot.
The most important is that we managed to meet together - 4 CCHS children with their families.
That is 1/4 of all the Polish CCHS team, so it's quite a success as for a first time!
We hope next time there will be even more of us!
The children had a great time together and the adults quickly shared ideas and personal experiences.
And all of this happened thanks to Elektronik cinema in Warsaw, which made a screening of the film "Our Curse" especially for us.
The whole income from the tickets went to Polish CCHS Foundation "Lift the curse".

You can still support our foundation by participating in our online auctions!

The summary of all we did during 1st International CCHS Day will be soon on our website:

And now time for something more private:

The friendship of Leo and Emilia is in bloom!
The kids both love each other and, although they meet together only once in few months,
they don't need any time to tame each other.
Straight from the beginning, they disappear together somewhere beyond the horizon to make their own things,
and the parents have some time to talk in peace.
And only once in a while they check, if the children have not fallen asleep ;-)


P.S. Thanks to all the wonderful people that helped us in organising the CCHS Day.
Without you, we would have never managed to do it!!!
Karolina, Emilia, Kalina, Grzegorz, Aśka, Beata, Aśka, Jerzy, Marysia, Ewelina - THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!