Fear of foam in the bathtub – befriended.
Fear of grass – conquered.
Fear of changing dressings on wound – conquered, forgotten.
Fear of touching one's head – conquered, forgotten.
Fear of touching substances of weird consistence – almost befriended.
Fear of eating substances of weird consistence – totally conquered.
Fear of eating things of green color – conquered.
Fear of going down a slide with no assistance – befriended.
Fear of children – conquered.
Fear of poop – conquered.
Fear of the sound of a motor – conquered, forgotten.
Fear of the sound of a passing ambulance – conquered, forgotten.
Fear of climbing down a high chair – almost befriended.
Fear of doctor's room – almost befriended.
Fear of washing hair – conquered.
Fear of rinsing hair – conquered.
Fear of having one's fringe cut – befriended (photos coming soon :-))
Fear of wearing a tartan cap – conquered (at last!!!).
Fear of kindergarten (!!!) – has never appeared, report coming soon;-)
Currently we are in the process of befriending the fear of dirty his.
Along with several fears of Leoparents themselves,
but this is an absolutely different story...