They did it.
They walked the red carpet.

It was incredibly fun.
A wonderful adventure. Exotic.
We thank everyone who was rooting for us.
We are overjoyed that our film reached so many people
and that the world learned about CCHS.
And that so many people reached out with warmth and kind words.
We receive dozens of emails daily.
New members have joined the CCHS network,
including the first member from Africa!!!
As promised, we are setting out to fundraise in support of research for CCHS
and we are asking for our support. Please help us spread the word.
It’s time to find a cure and lift the curse!

And now… time for the most important award!
The Oscar goes to…. LEO!!!!!!!


P.S. We would also like to thank the Warsaw Film School,
Marysia Pułaska (snort, snort, we love you!!!!),
the Polish Film Institute, as well as
Tomek Ossoliński i Moons Varsovie,
Anna Orska, Loft 37, By Insomnia,
Nenukko, Ania Poniewierska i of course
Mnishka i Cargo by Owee <3

PS1. Congratulations to Pawel Pawlikowski and the whole "Ida" crew!!