Leo was playing with his Aunt Agata.
And was so into the playing frenzy that he pulled out the tube from his larynx.
Scared Aunt Agata called Leomom, and then they decided together that the Aunt has to do THIS herself.
Because she spends a lot of time with Him and it’s better that she gets the first time over with.
The Aunt knows the theory of the tube installation very well, but the practice is a completely different thing…
They prepared a mini laboratory, gauze, bandages, disinfectants, a band, ointment…
The Aunt took the tube with her hand all shaky and started to put it into the hole.
She stopped half way. Because it’s difficult.
Mentally. And technically.
Especially in the beginning.
Leo held still.
Leomom helped.
Leo took the operation like a hero.
He kept still and didn’t try to get away.
He knew the Auntie had to learn how to do it.
After the procedure, proud of her son, Leomom asked:
– Well done, Leo! Who is the bravest here, huh?
Aga – answered Leo without a moment of hesitation.
P.S. To all who got worried, we would like to clear out that the Aunt is an ICU nurse with many years of experience :)