The accounts of the events are pretty chaotic.

Leoparents were far away.
Leograndmom was playing with Leo in bed.
Leo gambolled and capered about.
At one point (as always), he jumped backwards, to his back.
He started to crepitate. He lost consciousness.
He went grey-blues. He became floppy.
Leogranddad came running.
He started ventilating Leo manually (with the help of AMBU).
In the meantime, Leograndmom tried to connect Leo to the pulse oxymeter.
No sensor worked properly.
Finally, they made it.
Leograndmom called the ambulance and home ventilation programme.
Leogranddad continued with resuscitation.
Leo remained unconscious.
Leograndparents made an attempt to connect him to the ventilator.
Respirator generated too big (or too small,
it’s hard to establish that) lungs capacities.
Saturation was dropping fast.
Leogranddad went back to AMBU.
After half an hour (sic!) the ambulance and Home Ventilation came.

Leo suddenly opened his eyes.
And he returned to his own breath.
He was thoroughly examined.
Everything was fine.

As if nothing had happened.

And yet, it happened…