Leo is handling chickenpox well.
The rash could be worse.
The itching is bearable.

In fact he is rather content.
That he can stay home.
Just be, as simple as that.
Draw, read, stare out of the window,
turn from side to side, build something, destroy something…

At last he doesn’t have to rush anywhere.
For that persistent „having-to” is his biggest scourge.
There’s always something to examine.
Something to repair.
Something to monitor, integrate, correct…
There’s always something to catch up with.
Speech, walking, jumping, spitting, peeing…

Monday: psychomotor education, speech therapist, kindergarten;
Tuesday: early childhood development, kindergarten, kindergarten rehabilitation;
Wednesday: psychomotor education, rehabilitation;
Thursday: kindergarten sensory integration, kindergarten, speech therapist;
Friday: kindergarten, kindergarten speech therapist, early childhood development.

All these activities are needed.
All recommended by specialists.
All great, with noticeable results,
decreasing the distance between Leo and Leopeers.

And on top of it all are the exercise he has to do at home (speech and integration).

And what about time for being lazy?
What about idleness?
What about being a child?

All of this has been tormenting Leoparents for a long time…