Leo is 1,5 year today, 2,5 of which he spent in an induced coma,
and over 4 months in the hospital on ICU.
Now, he takes his first steps (16!);
he can build multi-storey buildings out of building blocks,
put cutlery in and out of the dishwasher, eat with a fork,
go up and down the stairs from the first floor
(a few times in a row),
blackmail Leoparents,

manipulate Leoparents;
he knows where the head, nose, ear, belly, legs,
fingers and toes, tongue and socks are;
he can operate pulse oxymeter,
and partly ventilator
(except for turning it off, thank God);

he loves to eat everything in any form
(radish, black olives, pickled cucumbers, gazpacho);
he has created many versions of peek-a-boo!
(He can hide even behind his own brow ridge);
he hates sitting on the grass; he doesn’t accept an orator;

he doesn’t speak (although he did say “no” twice),
but still gives everybody orders and pushes them around.
He weighs 13 kg!

And he looks forward into the future with a big smile! :-)