They have mermaid-like tails, blue skin and scales or hair.
They feel no pain.
They claim they do not live or that their relatives were replaced by their doubles.
They have several limbs. A cyclopean eye in the middle of their foreheads.
They eat metal objects, cigarette butts, hair, and their themselves.
They are allergic to sunlight. Water. Mobile phones. They grow old too quickly.
They never mature. They have absolute memories. Elephant-like legs.
Their lignified hands are reminiscent of twigs.
They faint whenever something enchants them.
They jump whenever something gives them fright.
The fall asleep unexpectedly. They never sleep.
They do not breath in sleep....


People suffering from rare diseases.
Sirenomelia, pica, Cotard syndrome, hipertrichosis, porfiria, argyria, progeria,
epidermodysplasia verruciformis, jumping Frenchmen of Maine syndrome, aquagenic urticaria,
Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, syndactylia, cataplexy, narcolepsy,
Ondine's curse…

More than 6,5 thousand nosological entities altogether.

Rare diseases are difficult to diagnose.
Rare diseases are rarely cured.
Research for cures of rare diseases is rarely carried out.
It is no rarity that a cure of rare diseases is expensive.
Knowledge of rare diseases is rare.
In Poland, 3 million people suffer from rare diseases, which makes almost 7% of our society.
Cases of rare diseases are not rare.
The last day of February is the day of rare diseases.

All the best to all of the Ill people!
All the best, Leo!