It happens sometimes, that you need to do some business.
On the other end of the city; and you have no-one to leave your child with you.
You must take him with you.
You must walk, go by train, then by tube, then walk again.
Everybody is sneezing, coughing, the weather is cold and hostile.
Commuting itself takes almost one hour.
The fact that your child is ill does not exempt you from your commitments.
You need to work, earn you living, live....
and this situation happened only yesterday.
Leo and Leomom had to go somewhere to get something.
They traveled for almost one hour.
A tram, a tube, several yards of walking at snail's pace.
Finally they reached the place.
They entered the center of parcel collection and there – a crowd.
Leomom swept across the bored crowd with her eyes and assessed the situation:
1,5-2 hours of queuing.
In a closed, suffocating interior.
If anyone from the people here had an infection then – Leo will definitely go to ICU with flu.
The second conclusion was that in two hours Leo will be sleepy.
After two hours of waiting, a one-hour travel home will be dangerous.*
So, Leomom approached one of the men at the desk and asked
whether she could skip the queue because her child has tracho, etc.
- Of course, he replied agreeably.
But the people did not agree to this.
A guy emerged from the crowd.
First he jumped behind the door from where he grabbed a kid playing with his mom.
Next, with a crazy look in his eye, holding the child under his arm
(as a living proof of Leomom's impertinence) he attacked!
– Who, do you think, you are? Your child is the same as mine!
Do not expect you will be able to go in front of the queue!!!
– My son has tracheostomy. Does your child also have tracheostomy?
– It is the same child as mine! Same age! You have no title to skip the queue!
You're downright rude!
– This child has tracheostomy. It is very vulnerable and liable to infections.
Each infection is a serious hazard to his health.
– I – do – not ‑care !!!!
– the man continued yelling, shaking his slightly confused child.
– The queue! There is one queue for everyone!
– I swear, you wouldn't like to be in my shoes!, Leomom growled,
feeling that the string of her patience becomes dangerously tense.
She could feel the gaze of several dozen people at herself.
The level of adrenaline was sky-rocketing, alarmingly fast.
One of the shop assistants finished the argument.
– Please, stop yelling, sir. You come into the front of the queue, too.

Mr. Fury eagerly admitted to the proposal,
suddenly seeing no impertinence in the fact that some people are given priority.

And the Lioness warns against stepping into her way.
Otherwise, she is not going to be so polite next time.
(Info for the impatient: view the film from 5th minute on:)

*when Leo is tired, he fails to control his respiration,
e.g. during long motoring/ traveling by tube/ tram/ bus....