Leo, as usual, spent part of his swimming pool time at a slide.
Leomom insured him when he was climbing the ladder, and then went to the other side to catch him at the bottom of the slide – so that he wouldn’t go too deep and have his neck under water, which would cause him to chuckle. Not even a single drop is allowed inside the tracheo!
So she was standing there all happy and smiling waiting with open arms form her son to slide down, when all of the sudden the son, who was still at the top of the slide, slipped and lost his balance.
The world suddenly slowed down as Leo was trying to catch his balance, standing on one leg and waving his arms. Leomom’s head was spinning with thoughts – that tracheo might get wet, that the last time Leo had fallen on his back, he lost his consciousness and turned off his breath for half an hour, that she wasn’t sure how many breathe-ins and presses you should perform in case of resuscitation.
An then Leoleg slipped off the step… and Leo fell down.
On his back.
The water surface opened up, and Leo disappeared under it.
His head, his neck and tracheotomy.
All of him!
This is when everything sped up.
Leomom jumped over the slide, grabbed her baby and rushed to the sucking device.
She couldn’t hear any sounds of choking, just a thin voice repeating:
- Bam, Leo bam. Mommy, Leo bam!!!!
She reached the device. Put her son on the floor. She searched for her bag from under a heap of towels. She opened one pouch and took the sucking device. She opened another and took out the catheter. She removed the protective paper from the catheter. She removed the orator out of tracheotomy, and put the catheter in.
Then, she turned on the sucking device and started sucking the water out.
Not even a drop of water. Nothing leaked in.
Her brain finally processed the voice that demanded her reaction:
- Mommy, bam!!! Bam! Bam!
- Yes, Leo. Bam. You did bam…
Susanna-Majuri8 fot. Susanna Majuri