There were plans for a stay an idyllic house in the countryside, fresh air and sun.
Instead, there is Paracetamol, inhalations, fever and syrups.
And sun, yes, there is sun
In spite of the illness and a huge crisis we took advantage of the sun.
Thanks to the irreplaceable and beloved art of photography.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Here comes Leocyanotype.
Experiment number one :)
P.S. for those unfamiliar with photography:
Cyanotype is one of the oldest imaging techniques.
The photographic image is obtained by exposing a surface,
covered with special chemicals, to sunlight.







Ps. Dla niewtajemniczonych: cyjanotypia jest jedną z najstarszych technik powielania obrazu.
Obraz fotograficzny uzyskuje się naświetlająć specjalnie przygotowaną powierzchnię
promieniami słonecznymi.

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