Leo has a cold, watery eyes, runny nose, wants to be connected to the ventilator every couple of minutes.
Leomom is on antibiotics herself, she would love to be connected to something as well, Leodad is lurching.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we had to go to the Children’s Memorial*.
The nightmares revived.
Especially when we saw the two volumes of Leo’s casebook, a book that is better kept closed, as every page is full of horrors…
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In front of the Children’s Memorial there is – attention! – one parking spot for disabled.
And it so happens that most of the patients are either disabled or sick. The disabled and sick are often unable to walk by themselves, and depend on medical equipment that needs to be taken up and down the stairs by their carer. So you need to carry the equipment and the baby.
So you’re not able to look for a parking meter.
So, most of the cars are parked illegally.
So, the street outside the Children’s Memorial is one of the favourite spots for the city guards.

There is also a parking lot: 4 PLN for the first hour, 3 for each additional.
A wonderful solution for those who spend all days by their child’s bed for six months a year.

*Fortunately, the doctor was fantastic and managed to neutralise Leofamily’s miserable mood at least for a moment!!!