Leo grasps his head in a theatrical gesture:
- Oh! My mistake !
And he bursts laughing. The magic of the mistake enchanted
him and now he mistakes everything.
He puts his socks onto his hands and grasps his head with a palm dressed like that.
- My mistake, he laughs like crazy.
In removing vessels from a dishwasher
(half a year ago he could unmistakably put each vessel to its proper place)
he does everything in waywardly. Spicing it with fancy.
A fork will end up in a flower pot, a plate – in a washing machine, a bowl – in a dust bin.
- Mistake! What a fatal mistake!!!, he roars with laughter.
He will squeeze his own shoe onto mom's leg, but the shoe is to small!!!
- AAAAA!!!! Mistake again!!!, he rolls with joy with one hand on his head.
When he does jigsaw-puzzle or builds from bricks,
he arranges them in such a way that they do not fit.
He gives nonsensical answers to questions. The more stupid the answer is, the better.
Even if he does not make a mistake, it is a mistake anyway;
after all, it was supposed to be a mistake.
And, again, it is so because in must be so terribly funny …

Screenshot 2014-01-18 21.00.44
fot. Chema Madoz

PS. "Our Curse" was chosen as one of the best 4 films of the IDFA Festival.
The projections of "Best of IDFA OnTour"
have just been launched in the cinemas of Holland and Belgium.
We cordially invite everyone who will have an opportunity
– please go and see the film, there is more than 50 shows planned:)
You will find details here:

We also recommend an interview with Leodad.
This is a talk about the time of hardships in which the film was shot
(the first half a year after Leobirth),
about a process of acceptance, and the film itself: