After his evening toilette Leo goes to the bedroom in a festive atmosphere.
The procedure begins.

First, he needs to be given a choice:
- Leo, would you like to sleep in your parents’ bed or in your room?

In 99,8 % of cases, he chooses the first option.

He climbs up (by himself, of course).

He puts on his pyjamas.
This stage needs to be played out cleverly, so that he doesn’t realise that he’s being helped,
and that he’s not getting dressed completely by himself.

Another stage of this charade is the pulse oxymeter

- Leo, give me your hands.

Unfortunately, his little paws are knitted together, fingers tangled together,
and there is now way to separate them.

Leoparent is trying and struggling, but there is no way.

It takes about five minutes, Leo is bursting with laughter.

Then, he needs to be given options again.

- Leo, can we put the sensor on your right hand?

- No, not the right hand today. The left one.
100% missed shots.

Then, Leo turns on his ventilator and pulse oxymeter, connects the tube,
turns on the music and the lamp on his nightstand.

He’s all ready to sleep.

At least in theory.

Then, a vulnerable moment comes,
Leoparents have to wait for Leo to decide to go into horizontal position.

Under absolutely no circumstances is he to be rushed.

Or it’s going to get nasty.
Finally, he lies down.
20 seconds go by.

He sits.

- Drink!
Leoparent (prepared) hands him a glass of water.

Leo drinks up.


Leoparent hands him another glass.
No, he won’t be drinking more after all.

So Leoparent outs the glass away. Leo lays down.
30 seconds. 

He gets up and shows ten fingers.

- 10 what, Leo?

- Kisses.
- Oh ok, 10 kisses.

Leo kisses one Leoparent 10 times.
He lies down.

He gets up.

- 9!

There goes 9 kisses.
Then 8, 7, and down to 1,
which gives 55 in total.
He lies down.

He gets up.

- Door!!!!
The door is not closed!
Leoparent gets up and closes the door.
He lies down.

He gets up.

- Doggy!
Leoparent gets up and starts to look for the doggy…

And so on… until he gets tired and falls asleep.
And there is no way to skip or speed up these evening procedures.

Really, there is no way.


* Naturally, everything is expressed with Leogestures.