Leosaturation began to drop at Tuesday night.
After we adjusted the parameters into plus,
the ventilator informed about too high volume of CO which,
speaking with brutal honesty means: Leolungs were being torn!
However, when we decreased the pressure, the oxygen saturation became too low...
And it was on and on like that – a vicious circle.
After several alarms, it was clear that something wrong happened.

A year and a half ago,
Leoparents called for an ambulance under identical circumstances
and Leo ended at the Intensive Care Unit for a week.

Leoparents decided to connect Leo to oxygen.
The situation improved but the night was very nervous.
The morning only confirmed our fears.
Leo had not appetite, his breathing was fatal.
He spent his whole day connected to the ventilator.
Our doctor came, but the only thing she could say was to keep on waiting.
So Leofamily waited, administering hectoliters of liquids to Leo,
inhaling him and giving him onions syrup.
A subsequent night was a subsequent massacre:
oxygen again and alarms at every 15 minutes.
Next day – half of the time on ventilator.
Plus onions, honey, etc.

Third night – we were able to discontinue oxygen supplies
and the morning saturation was satisfactory.
We needed to have Leo ventilated several times during the day
but the situation generally improved.
The crisis was over.
Were it not for the oxygen concentrator, Leo would go to hospital.
Luckily, this time we managed, paying only with our fear.
Nevertheless, Ondine will not allow us to forget about her.


PS. It was exactly 3 years ago when Leo had a hole made in his neck.