Within a year not only has Leo’s attitude toward being outside (and in contact with grass) changed, but most of all, Leo has revised his attitude towards other children.
All of the sudden, he likes their company!
And so, during our spring outing he developed certain feelings (and requited ones) for two charming girls!!!
Both of them older; him shorter, them two and him – together they created a perfect figure.
He spent a crazy weekend with them: they played ball, fed horses, barbecued, went for walks, climbed, swung and jumped on a trampoline.
And Leomom lazily watched them playing from a safe distance.
Unfortunately, for each idyllic day he paid with a horrible night – Leo was too excited to sleep.
He would wake up every couple of minutes, sit on the bed and point to the bedroom door, that he wants to go there!
To the Girls!! To play!!! Now!!!!!
Popowo_00031 Popowo_00091 Popowo_00471 Popowo_02191 Popowo_02991 Popowo_02471 Leo pretty much kept up with the older girls.
There were only few moments when he realised he’s still a wee one :)))