Leomum reads Leo poems by Julian Tuwim:
- "She knows everything better than the others, she wants to do everything by herself..."
You are like her, Zosia - Little Miss Know-It-All*, aren't you?
- Leomum allows herself to make a remark.
- No! - Leo gives an assertive answer.
- No??
- No.
- You're not Zosia - Little Miss Know-It-All*?
Leo takes a book, turns a few pages, clearly looking for something.
He opens on a page with another poem.
- It's me - he points with his finger at the page of the book -
I am Dyzio - Dreamer**.

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*in Polish: 'Zosia-Samosia', means also 'Zosia - Little Miss Independent'
** in Polish: 'Dyzio-Marzyciel'